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Travel Tips for a Busy Holiday Season

Posted by Arielle Burger on Nov 25, 2015 9:11:31 AM

“From Atlantic to Pacific, gee the traffic is terrific!” We all know that there’s no place like home for the holidays! For those of you who are traveling to be with loved ones this holiday season, we have put together some travel tips to help you have a smooth journey to your destination. Safe and happy travels, everyone!

  1. Always Be Prepared!
  • Traveling during the holidays usually means that there will be a delay here or there. Make sure you leave to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Therefore, if you forget to print your boarding pass or if there is a line at security, you will have a moment to relax and take your time. Being prepared will also prevent additional stress during your trip. In addition, give yourself plenty of travel time if you are driving to your destination. Delays due to weather or traffic can make for a frustrating car ride.
  1. Keep Calm
  • We have all had that panic moment where an important flight was cancelled or you experienced car trouble. In situations out of the ordinary, always remember to remain calm. Get in contact with whom you need to speak to and try not to get angry. This might create more stress during your trip.
  1. Dress Accordingly
  • If you are traveling via plane, train, or car, it is always good to have a backup jacket or sweater in case it gets cold. Dress in something you are comfortable in while traveling. Furthermore, keep in mind that airports usually make you take off shoes, belts, and jewelry when you go through security.
  1. Pack Light
  • We have all been there once or twice – sitting on your suitcase so the zipper will close. Remember to only pack what you need! Airlines often have luggage and/or carryon fees which creep up on you if you don’t pack smart. If you’re going somewhere warm, pack some sunscreen and if you’re going toward the snow, make sure you pack warm clothing. In addition, don’t forget your toothbrush!
  1. Don’t Rely on your Debit and Credit Cards
  • Before you set sail on your voyage, stop at the bank or an ATM and take cash out just in case you get stuck in a location that doesn’t accept debit or credit cards. Furthermore, alert your bank that you will be traveling out of the area so you do not experience a hold on your debit or credit cards that might take a couple of hours to fix.


Wherever you may be this holiday season, travel safe and have fun being with friends and family! Happy Holidays from all of us, to all of you!


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