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Fundraising Tips and Tricks for Success!

Posted by Arielle Burger on Dec 17, 2015 2:42:17 PM

One of the most common questions that go along with a school trip usually revolves around fundraising. You might be a little overwhelmed with all of the planning that needs to get done,  and you might be wondering how your students can raise money so that everyone will be able to attend. Fundraising is a great way to get students pumped up for their trip, and it can also serve as a team bonding experience. World Class Vacations has put together a few ideas for fundraising success, and we’d also like to point out our own fundraising programs to help our events such as Cook Around The World and Dance The World!

Cook Around The World, an event created by World Class Vacations, is an educational and fun experience for students who are interested in culinary arts. Our Cook Around The World program takes place at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary school in Orlando as well as the Walt Disney World Resort. Students can experience making their own dishes and hear from executive chefs on Disney property about what it is like to cook for guests of Disney.

With that being said, many schools fundraise in order to go to this once-in-a-lifetime experience! We have created an example fundraising activity that gets students experience in the field and is sure to get some attention! Your school can have a community meal on the third Friday of every month at a specific time. Once you finalize your team, develop a unique menu and set standards for money disbursement. For each meal you serve, your menu can change according to the season!

World Class Vacations, in partnership with TriQuest, has developed a fun and easy way to raise money with the ability to save money with our very own discount cards! The discount cards cost $20, with $15 going toward the fundraising program! These cards work at many retail stores and fast-food locations, and they work for an entire year. In addition, if someone chooses not to use the card, there’s an app for that! You simply use log-in information to get access and use the app for discounts on your purchases!

Read below what our suggestions for fundraising include, and feel free to comment on some of your own fundraising success stories!

  1. 50/50 raffle

A 50/50 raffle is a very popular way to raise money for a group. The proceeds get split half and half with the winner and the organization raising money. These types of raffles are usually popular at sporting events as well as other occasions schools hold. With a 50/50 raffle, no one needs to purchase items that might be hard to sell. The winner receives half of the money collected…that would be a hard fundraiser to turn down!

  1. Bakeoff Bake Sale

This can be a fun and exciting fundraising event that is sure to get some attention! Students can either be by themselves or work together in groups. Make sure you are in a good area with plenty of space for the bake sale. The baked goods can either be priced, or you can simply ask for donations for your group’s trip.

  1. Master Dance Class

With our exciting event known as Dance The World quickly approaching, here’s a fun way for your studio to raise some money for your trip! Your studio can hold a master class for one or two nights for your dance students to make their way to the most magical place on earth! Gather moms, dads, aunts and uncles, friends and family for a night of fun!

  1. School Merchandise Sale

Selling school merchandise not only gives you an opportunity to promote your school, studio, or organization, but you can easily raise money for your trip! You can sell school merchandise at school functions, in the dance studio or during dance shows! In addition, these items make great presents!

  1. Dance-a-thon

Dance-a-thons can be a great event to get everyone up and moving and excited for your upcoming event! Make sure you reserve a location and assign a group of leaders to organize the event. In addition, stay in touch with the attendees of the dance-a-thon, and decide whether you want it to go all day or through the night.




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