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8 Reasons to Visit Williamsburg, VA

Posted by Arielle Burger on Jul 15, 2016 10:43:27 AM

When you think of vacations, most people think of beaches, the ocean, or even Walt Disney World. Even though these are all great vacation destinations, there are many hidden gems around every corner. If you want to explore an area with a huge art influence and a touch of history with the added bonus of numerous attractions, Williamsburg, Virginia is the place for you! We have created a top list of things to do in Williamsburg that many of our high school groups take advantage of. This year, we had eight groups travel to Williamsburg, VA to explore this area that is filled with activities, shopping, and dining! 

1. Colonial Williamsburg

  • Step back in time into the Revolutionary age and explore the museums that focus on life in that time period. With 100 gardens, numerous museums, and tons of taverns and presentations, Colonial Williamsburg doesn’t like to disappoint. If you need something fun to do for kids, you can make your own pizza at Huzzah! BBQ Grille or explore the Colonial Nursery where you can get your hands dirty.

2. Jamestown Settlement

  • Jamestown Settlement, which was the first permanent English colony in America, is an attraction that you do not want to miss. The Jamestown Settlement offers visitors a glimpse of what Jamestown was like during the days of the town being a business venture. Jamestown also offers three ship replicas that you can climb aboard to step back into 1607 during the time the colonists sailed from England to Virginia. In addition, walk in John Smith and Pocahontas’s footsteps to learn about how they lived during the beginning of the United States of America.

3. Williamsburg Ghost Tours

  • In the mood to be spooked? Take a tour of Williamsburg’s most haunted locations and learn about historical events that make this town so fascinating. Tours normally run around 8pm. Check the website for more information and how to book a tour!

4. Busch Gardens & Water Country USA

  • Explore your wild side while visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg! Hop on a roller coaster or explore the Conservation Station at the park. This amusement park has something for all members in your party! If you need to cool off, go play at Water Country, USA! With fun thrills for everyone in your family or group, Water Country, USA is sure to make your day refreshing.

 5. Ripley's Believe It or Not

  • Very few places in the world offer guests the chance to see shrunken heads, unique artwork, and a 900 pound Millennium Falcon all in one place. The Ripley’s Believe It or Not attraction has it all and so much more! This is a popular place for student groups and families to explore. Ripley’s offers mini-golf, numerous weird and exceptional attractions, and a laser maze that compels you to dodge lasers as quickly as possible!

6. Yorktown

  • Along the waterfront lies an old town known for its historic battles, shops, and restaurants. While at Yorktown, visit the Yorktown Victory Monument and the Civil War-era National Cemetery. You can even experience the American Revolution through museums and live action entertainment. As you walk along the waterfront, admire the town’s exquisite architecture.

7. Comedy Club of Williamsburg

  • If you’re looking for some night life filled with laughter, visit the Comedy Club of Williamsburg! Every week, they have a new stand-up comedian at the Comedy Club. Enjoy a night filled with food and laughs!

8. Bay Country Kayaking 

  • If you would like to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the water, take a guided and narrated kayak tour in New Quarter Park! You may also schedule a specific tour just for your group. As you glide through the water, learn about the area's unique wildlife and history. Relax and unwind with this fun activity! 




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